What We Do

We are a one-stop full service agency for immersive music production which includes:
– creative consulting with artists, producers & labels
– Dolby Atmos mixing
– delivering to clients, and Atmos-enabled streaming services

What is Immersive Music?
Music can now be created in a 3D space to fully immerse the audience.
Musical elements and instruments no longer have to sit Left or Right within the stereo field.
We have the capabilities to place them anywhere around the listener, creating a unique user experience.

Where can you hear Immersive Music?
Dolby Atmos gained notoriety for cinema and home cinema movies. But now, streaming services like Tidal and
Amazon Music HD offer a wide catalogue of songs mixed in Dolby Atmos, with more to follow!
Dolby Atmos can be enjoyed on a speaker setup incl. overhead speakers, Dolby Atmos-enabled Soundbars
or on headphones! This makes it absolutely accessible.

Why using Immersive Music?
With live entertainment on hold in the present climate, Immersive Music gives artists, bands, and DJs
a new way to connect with their audiences. Immersive Lab helps you create a fantastic experience for your fans,
even if they can’t be in the venue with you!

Immersive Lab has been founded by Eric Horstmann in 2019 in Berlin, Germany with the focus on
Immersive Music production.
In 2020, Steffen Wagner joined as a partner and opened Immersive Lab in Brooklyn, USA.